Conservative Attack on Dr. Zakir Naik

Just came across this news story, it looks like Dr Zakir Naik is on the hit list of censorship. Dr Zakir Naik is well known for his interfaith dialogue. It’s just saddening to see David Davies to start a crusade against one of the most renowned scholars of Islam.








Liberal Democrat

Liberal Democrat 12.8%
Swing: 5.4% from LAB to CON

Very strong chance of getting him out of Conservative Party and into the BNP Party…

Storm over Islamic preacher’s visit

Martin Shipton, Western Mail

A POLITICAL storm blew up last night as it emerged a controversial Islamic preacher with radical views is due to speak at one of the most prestigious concert halls in Wales.

Dr Zakir Naik’s publicly-expressed views include calling for the execution of Muslims who reject their faith and portraying Americans as people who eat and behave like pigs.

His scheduled appearance at Cardiff’s St David’s Hall this Saturday has provoked outrage from a Welsh MP who has urged the event be cancelled, particularly at a time of such international tension.

But the organiser of the education conference at which the preacher will be speaking said he was headlining the event “to put bums on seats”.

Dr Naik, 40, is an Indian medical doctor who has a reputation as a radical preacher. He is the founder and leader of an organisation called the Islamic Research Foundation, based in Mumbai.

Monmouth MP and AM David Davies said, “Cardiff County Council ought to step in immediately to prevent this hate-monger from having a platform for his obnoxious views. If a British Nazi party wanted to promulgate the annihilation of ethnic minorities, I can’t imagine they would be given a public platform. Here is a man who believes people who change their religious beliefs should face the death penalty. Some of the rest of his views are, I think, arguably in breach of various laws aimed at keeping public order.

“The vast majority of moderate British Muslims will, I am sure, find his views as appalling as I do. Mainstream Muslims need people to help them stand up against the kind of repression this man seeks to promote, especially Muslim women.”

On Saturday, Dr Naik is the headline speaker at a conference called Educating the Educators, organised by the Al-Khair Foundation, an Islamic educational body that runs a school in Croydon, London. During the conference – tickets for which are on sale at £15 for adults and £10 for children – funds will be raised for a local Islamic school.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson said, “This event was booked as part of a UK-wide tour which aims to raise the consciousness of the Muslim community about the importance of education. The council has made further inquiries into the nature of the conference and as things stand we find no reason to suspect that it will be used as a platform to espouse extremist views. The council is also satisfied that it will not constitute a threat to public security, but we will continue to monitor the situation with South Wales Police.

“This event has already been held at two other major venues across Britain with no problems and we have no reason to suspect that things should be any different in Cardiff.

“Cardiff Council attaches great importance to fostering good relations with the Muslim community in Cardiff. All the tickets have been sold within the Muslim community, including the Muslim Council for Wales, and we hope that this event will lend itself to constructive debate on the important issue of education.”

Saleem Kidwai, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Wales, disputed any claims that Dr Naik held extremist views.

“I don’t think he has said anything contradictory to our faith. He has a very good knowledge of the Bible, Koran and other religions.”

Mr Kidwai said that Dr Naik was a highly regarded scholar, considered by many Muslims to be an authority on other faiths.

Asked if he was considered an extremist, Mr Kidwai said, “Not at all. If you read his words or watch his DVDs, he explains the similarities between Islam and Christianity, between Islam and Judaism, between Islam and Hinduism. He understands them very well and is very much in favour of bringing people of different faiths together.”


46 Responses to “Conservative Attack on Dr. Zakir Naik”

  1. DrM Says:

    I’ve noticed that Muslim speakers are being targetted by the usual suspects. I’d like for these scavengers to watch any of his lectures and then claim he’s a “radical.”

  2. Babby pathan Says:

    Salams brothers and sisters Masha allah this gentlemen DR Zakir Naik is showing light to the blind everywhere and inshallah we pray for him to be successful in all his debates and lectures (please see them) u will understand what Dr Zakir is all about

  3. Syed Hasan Ali Says:

    Alhamdolillah Dr Zakir is opening the eyes of muslim,& thats a good job, now the only muslims are responsible for their position,they are going away of Islam. All the best wishes to Dr Zakir.

  4. tonny smith Says:

    By chance I visit this site . Further search D Niak_s different sites , specially Quran And Bible similarities . Found amazing , all should search Dr’s sites and decide whts right whts wrong . However, I still searching …. . See what changes happen to me ?????

  5. Sofwan Mohamed hussain Says:

    Dr. Zakir Naik is one of the greatest man i consider on earth. He is
    trying his best to spread islam. May Allah bless him and give him

  6. babby pathan Says:

    Mr Monmouth mp and Mr David davies am U see gentlemen ..these days the thruth is so bitter we all know what life is all about ,,we live for the here after but unlike others they DO live only for this life ,,,so be the way U R —-IGNORANT –and we know before you live this earth let ALLAH show you the way for Paradise and forgive you for your sins —please EDUCATE yourselfs first before you DO comment on anybody my BROTHERS

  7. babby pathan Says:

    Mr Naik only says the thruth nothing but the THRUTH please listen to him with open mind and with LOGIC if you are EDUCATED enough or if not please listen to him just as a HUMAN being and dont bring up any religion and then atleast you realise how correct he is but listen to his words ,,,,,we all as humans have a very big EGO problem or we say SHAITAN which takes us away into this world which is full of lies ,,lies and lies so it really takes time to come back on track because gentlemen like Mr Monmouth and Mr David have gone too far away from the truth and they would try everything at their disposal to cover up the THRUTH i,,,Mean anything ..we know this things what the westeners can do …..but INSHALLAH thruth will never be will WIN INSHALLAH

  8. babby pathan Says:

    How many mouths can you silent by your evil ways , and by conspiracies ,,by politics ,by power ,HOW many My brothers ,,we dont do all this ,,,listen to him as a HUMAN BEING and see how easy its gonna be to be GOOD here as well as hereafter

  9. babby pathan Says:

    Mr Tonny Smith ,,,,Thanks brother for your time for thruth May ALLAH guide you to the right way brother

  10. Abdul Rahman Qazi Says:

    The christian are scared that Dr. Zakir Naik is unbeatable when it comes to dialogue with them thats why they started calling him radical and extrimist

  11. George knights Says:

    I was born in catholic family. I have heard this gentleman quite a few times. He is very intelligent and I do not think is radical at all. In fact, his lectures guided me to Islam

  12. gul Says:

    see major difference between muslims and christian is that they christian say jesus is god and muslim say he was prophet.see if we do idol worship we are stuck to some thing very small.if we say god has son then some times in our heart we think oh if god really does not have a son what will happen to me in the here after.but i beleiving one GOD there is no chance that you are wrong as whoever we are worshiping we are going straight to the higher level to HIM.GOD LOVES US SO MUCH WHAT HE DISKIKES THE MOST ASSOCIATING PARTENERS WITH HIM.

  13. SSK(khan) Says:

    Brothers and sisters In my opinion every one once in a life do think that WHO is the CREATOR of us and the earth on which we are living and all the living things in this world. And this person Mr. Naik is trying to solve this unsolve questions in thousands and thousands of minds on this earth.
    He also trying to wash the misconception created by the western media that is in influence in the world.

    Mr. Naik is very logical in his speech and is not at all a radical or extremist.

  14. attaulla sharieff Says:

    Brothers & sister, we all are fromsame family whose grand grand father was Adam (AS). we dont have different color of blood, If some one talks about logical view of any topics, we shounld ponder on it as individual, thinking that we one day have to face GOD. any things in this world will meet the end except soul. So we mayleave maximum of 100 years, after that what??. Our sole will be eternal & face all the consequences of our bad & good deeds. we were created to obey the god & follow the truth.

    Dr. Naik is doing his duty to spread the truth. We should thanks GOD that there is some one example Dr. Zakir Naik, through them we see the truth without struggle. what we have to do atleast to implement in our life. If very one do this, the world itself will be like heaven.

  15. Shams Khan Says:

    Salam Brothers / Sisters

    As Listen to Dr. Zakir, I really inspired to him. i think he is a sole man in Muslim world who have a lot of knowledge of every religion.

  16. benaam Says:

    This shabby looking bigot zakir is nothing but another narrow-minded fundamentalist who sees nothing wrong in his faith but everything wrong with others. If you notice his audience they are mostly illiterate muslims from ghettos and slums whose brains are already washed by their mullahs and who clap on hearing zakir score points over other faiths. man’s fibre is known by his deeds like tolerance, love for others irrespective of faith, freedom to both men and women, compassion etc, all qualities alien to his faith. No doubt he is misusing the freedom and liberty available in non-islamic countries, which the muslim majority countries do not give to their religious minorities, to spread his false faith.

  17. Mohammed Ayub Says:

    Mr Be Naam ,

    You yourself afraid of taking your name or religion, In hindi Benaam means(nameless). Allhamdulilah he is the GOOD FUNDAMENTALIST in Islam, You should be fundamentalist in what ever religion you follow, are you following your religion???? He is challenging to the world highest eminent personalities to debate with him EG: POPE BENEDICT. Why do they won’t came up with him.

  18. Jason Kenedy Says:

    Ive heard Naik’s debates and found him to be a fraud. He is fooling stupid people who have no idea of the Bible.
    After Hearing him im convinced that islam is from satan.

  19. Mohammad Rafi Says:

    Mr benaam,

    In Islam abusing people of other faith is strictly forbidden. No true muslim will ever speak ill about other religion. But that doesn’t mean a muslim will agree that 2+2=5.
    What you should understand brother/sister (I couldn’t figure out wheather you are a mail or a female as you are too bold!) that all major religions in the face of the earth preaches about the existance of one God and worshipping him alone.If somebody has a different point of view(like you of course) he should try to prove it by giving evidence rather cursing people.
    Dr Zakir Naik is the most truthful, honest loving and courageous person that I have ever seen. If anybody don’t have the guts to face him, he/she will do best not to backbite. Ahmed Deedat, Zakir Naik (Deedat+) these people should be the roll model of every young Muslim. Watch him before its too late.

  20. Abdul Aziz Says:

    Mr. Jason Kennedy, could you please explain as to how Dr.Zakir Naik is fooling people? He is quoting chapter and verse number of all the major scriptures, and if you look them up, and read them in their context, it is all there. What I am saying is that Dr.Zakir Naik is speaking the truth. And, can you prove that Islam is from the Satan? The Bible contains far more passages of fighting than in the Qur’an. And, in some cases, the perpetrators of sin have gone scot free in the Bible. But not so Qur’an. And, I would love to see you prove your theory(Islam is from Satan), if you can. And, one more thing, have you really read the Quran? If not, please do so with an open mind.

  21. sameer mallik Says:

    assalmam walekum to all.friends dr. zakir naik is not a fraud not islam is.if islam is fraud then how come the other religious books like hinduism quoted the name of bhavishya puran parv 3 akhand 3 adhay 3.which is 4000 years back to bible.u think how come.if u dont believe, u can search in google’mohammad in hindu scriptures.’if mohammad was nt messanger of god,how he foretold the shape of earth,the plate tectonic therory,big bang given by hubble,the water cycle, and miracle in honey bee that it makes spacoius paths which is recently proved. and 1000 other scientific facte which are well established. dont hate islam think it wth open mind and then say what u conclude. may allah show all of u the right path. aameen

  22. osman Says:

    This Man Dr. Zakir Naik i have ever see in This world, when i visited Banglore to see the Debate with sri sri ravi shanker i saw him very strong minded who had defeated the liers who spread wrong information against Islam. I pray to ALLAH to guide him in this world and hereafter Ameen.

  23. Elias.b Says:

    assalamu alaikum. once i learn many more things from zakir naik bro. now also i’m in learning process.alhamthullah take care

  24. Elias.b Says:

    assalamu alaikum brother.


    asalamu alikum

  26. afaque Says:

    dr zakir is the best man

  27. abu bakar from india Says:

    dr zakir naik is a very good person……….dr zakir naik continue your work………may allah give victory to truth i.e. islam

  28. Fatuma Says:

    Asalamu aleykum my brothers/sisters in islam, Dr. Zakir is a man and a half, i have never came a cross such a person, May Allah s.w.t grant him jannatul firdows ameen!

  29. utbah Says:

    I know he’s a good man, you silly people. If he is what the hell are you doing on here and don’t you protect him? Complain to that Nasty Member of the Conservative Party?

  30. danish Says:

    Asalamu aleykum my brothers/sisters:

    Dr. Zakir Naik is a person of great calibre. Having debate with him is not very easy. These people without the knowledge of Islam may criticize him but they would never dare to have a public debate with him.

  31. danish Says:

    Asalamu aleykum my brothers/sisters!
    Its very-very difficult to have a debate with Dr. Zakir Naik, so for such type of mean people, criticism is everything.

  32. Namus Says:

    Asselamualeykum, Every one
    What ever they say,Dr Zakir Naik is the great!!!!!!!!!

  33. Namus Says:

    Asselamualeykum, Every one
    What ever they say,Dr Zakir Naik is genius to persuade the Benedict!!!!

  34. Abdulsemed Says:

    Aselamualeykum brothers and sisters
    Shall we hate a person who shows us the truth with reason, logic and plain evidences? Definetly not!!! This gent, Dr.Zakir Naik, is telling us the truth and it is really appealing for everyone who wants to follow the right way,ISLAM.

  35. Ali Akbar Shah Says:

    Aslamu alaikum:
    prophet Muhamed PBUH said that i have completed islam today and i have done my duty now after me there is no more prophets coming i am the last one and now its your duty to spread islam and taking your brothers on the right way. i think brother zakir nayak is doing the job weshould all do. its notonly brother zakir nayak who has this resposibility its all muslim nation. we need to make our self good and spread islam.what ever i am saying i dont know if it makes sence or not i am 18 and still learning quran and suna………….which we all should learn till we die.

  36. Usama Tariq Says:

    I love him. I am greatly inspired by him. He is the real islamic hero.

  37. mahammad ali Says:

    assalam u allaikum brothers and sisters.when reading mr jason kennedy views about islam and zakir naik i was furious.people like jason r the biggest fraud and stupid.they r not satisfied with their own religion so critize other religions.they really know the truth but conceal it and for them is the blazing fire which the lord has promised.

  38. mahammad ali Says:

    assalam u allaikum brothers and sisters.when reading mr jason kennedy views about islam and zakir naik i was furious.people like jason r the biggest fraud and stupid.they r not satisfied with their own religion so critize other religions.they really know the truth but conceal it and for them is the blazing fire which the lord has promised.may the lord guide him to staight path

  39. samrabia Says:

    aslaam-o-alikum, i m very disturb now a days , whats going on, every where every one is saying that muslims r terrorist i want to request to Dr Zakir Naik that please be aware the world n our muslim brothers that this is not JIHAAD. plz explain them what is Jihaad, if they want to jihaad then why dont we all together to take part in it n do it properlly as our prophet(P.B.U.H) said, why? why not we r following our ruler. Islam never teaches us the extreme. Allah said again n again for aitidaal. i need ur help for light on this what they really want now. i know u can do.

  40. Alex Says:

    I Have Heard Dr.Naik and i have found him very informative having good knowledge of Christianity too. All Those who claim him as radical are ignorants.
    Thank You

  41. Sanaullah Says:

    ASSLAM O ALAIKUM brothers and sisters

    i consider DR: Zakir naik as my MURSHID i like him t00 much

    if any of u meets DR: zakir plz plz give him my SALAM and say him that some one is loving him more than his life may ALLAH succed him in this mission of ISLAM ……………………..oh zakir sahib would that u were with me at this time

  42. Nisar Pashtun Says:

    Asalam u Alikum,
    My dear brothers and sisters, Some nonmuslims have been saying that Dr Zakir Naik is terrorist i don’t accept that i know why they dislike him whenever a person has great personallaty, good mind, specially great concept about Islam , Unbreakable and the Hero of Whole Muslims there for automatically day by day his enemies increasing. One thing which is very important to be identify is that now a days muslims are doing that activities which are against Islam doctrine. Nonmuslims were involved hundred years ago in such kink of activities we have to stop those activities in muslims sociaty. That is the duty and repossibility of Dr Zakir Naik preach to those who have selected the wrong path.

  43. mode32 Says:

    zakir naik is most fundamenalist person on earth

  44. mode32 Says:

    he says indians R most conservative may be he dont consiger himself indian,
    why cant he go and reside in Lal masjid

  45. Muslim Says:

    Assalaamualaikum. Dr.Zakir Naik is the real hero of our great religion. u all should learn a gud lesson from him. He is doin his great job. i really wish u all the best. May Allah bless u.

  46. Khalid Khan Says:

    The most venerated Dr. Zakir Nayak is the person who can polish our minds, regardless we are Muslims or from any religion. He is a certain gift from Allah for today’s disturb society. My request to all brothers and sisters is to propagate his name to the people whom we come in contact with and to advertise Peace tv. Certainly, the scholors of Peace tv are the people who live like Ashaabas(The Companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW)

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