David Twat: Mua Deranged?

July 20, 2007

Hellow Lads,

I’m back to kick some Zio-Nazi Arse after the post exposing Zionists planting anti-semitism to dis-credit MPACUK.

That, Zionist fascist David T thinks that some Muslim is behind the BNP Supporting Zionist Blog. Well I can tell him for sure that this Little Bulldogs guy is surely a Jewish Zionist (there are Christian Zionists as well).

My proof?

Little Bulldogs signed up to the MPACUK Forum and studying Judaism at A-Levels Jews usually doing do anything when Sabbath comes around from Friday evening to Saturday evening so that was one proof.

Another proof was his IP address matched with the comments he left before as Little Bulldogs to when we were debating on  the MPACUK forum.

On the David Twat, yes this was the same guy who wrote a blue print on

How to destroy & discredit the Palestinian cause

Also he was the same guy who said that the end of MPACUK has come:

The End of MPACUK? In Your Dreams Mate!!

What an article Asghar Bukhari has written in response to the accusations of “Anti-Semitism” (The New Form of Anti-Semitism: anyone who is sick of seeing children killed).

Over at the Smearists Harry’s Place they are already dreaming of the “end of mpacuk”.  The thing is which these Zionists forget is that when you keep attacking and villifying the Muslims, the Muslim Community wake up and realise that this is more of a sinister plot to get rid of outspoken Muslim leaders against Zionist. So, Muslims wake up come round an deven join that organisation or group, because if the enemy (in this case racist scumbags over at Harry’s Place).

Let them dream, and let us expose these monsters (shit i’m anti-semitic now!!) who kill little children and the scumbags over at Harry’s Place defend this by saying they (Israel) has a right to protect itself from little babies in their sleeping cots.

And he’s calling me Deranged?

By the looks of it MPACUK is still growing with todays success article on the election in Southall.


TryAgain Neo-Zion-Nazi!

April 18, 2007

[QUOTE=Sparky;331452]so… where is your proof that TA is the mastermind behind this BNP blog you go on about?[/QUOTE]

Ask him what’s his last digit.

Now in an earlier posts he went onto state that he has nothing to do with the blog, but isn’t it suprising how he can defend the blogger?

[QUOTE]Utbah, seems to ignore all the posts on that blog opposing the BNP. [/QUOTE]

Utbah isn’t ignoring anything. Utbah says that since Utbah revealed the link between him and the BNP he came onto this board and was banned, and then made a new account called TryAgain.

Since Utbah has exposed this individual he has stopped attacking MPACUK.

Utbah has not ignored the fact that BNP members were the first to sign up his forum. “BNPandme” ring a bell.

National Union of Journalists Vote To Boycott Apartheid Goods

April 14, 2007

From the Muslim Public Affairs Commitee UK (MPAC or MPACUK):

apartheid_flag.jpgThe National Union of Journalists has voted at its annual meeting for a boycott of Israeli goods as part of a protest against last year’s pre-planned war against Lebanon.

The vote was carried 66 to 54, Mark Elf a Jewish Blogger comments on the number of votes:

“Too close, it’s true, so this will be revisited as is the case in other unions. But as long as the debates are had the true nature of the Zionist project will become clearer to more and more people. And that is also good news.”

At least members at the NUJ Annual Delegates Meeting members are free to vote and are not intimidated by the Far-Right & Pro-Israeli members taking images of who voted for motions condemning the apartheid state of Israel.

Throughout the years prominent peace activists have attacked Israel for it’s injustices against the Palestinian and Lebanese people, one famous example being the South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu who accused Israel of practicing apartheid in its policies towards the Palestinians.

The Nobel peace laureate said he was “very deeply distressed” by a visit to the Holy Land, adding that “it reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa”.

The vote came during a series of motions on international affairs and reads: “This ADM [annual delegate meeting] calls for a boycott of Israeli goods similar to those boycotts in the struggles against apartheid South Africa led by trade unions and the TUC [Trades Union Congress] to demand sanctions be imposed on Israel by the British government and the United Nations.”

Playing The Anti-Semitic Card Over & Over Again!

Far-Right Pro-Israeli Bloggers have already started their smear campaign against the NUJ with one using the anti-Semitic card on those who wish to see an end to the aggression of the racist state of Israel:

“It’s yet another tiresome example of the Left’s anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism.”

Another Blogger states:

“Well, the NUJ wouldn’t want to noodge. Jew-hating bastards.”

It is no secret that throughout the years the Israel Lobby have used smears, death threats and the anti-Semitic card to stifle free debate within Britain and those who wish to stand up for peace, justice and equality in the world.

Another Pro-Israeli blogger resorts to racism towards Arab people:

“Sometimes I genuinely fear that the time for arresting and reversing the process of Eurabization may be long gone.”

The motion was originally brought by the union’s South Yorkshire branch in February and was opposed by the Cumberland branch, which said it was too political and was not tied closely enough to journalistic matters.

After a show of hands twice failed to give a clear result, union scrutineers were called in and the doors to the conference room closed.

Boycott: The Peaceful Option Against Apartheid

The apartheid in South Africa didn’t stop until the power of the people came into being with boycotts. We should also remember that Israel was the only country in the world which kept close contact with the Apartheid State of South Africa and armed it with the latest weaponary. And now the State of Israel itself echoes what the South Africans Dropped – Apartheid.

Last year South Africa’s workers Union representing 1.2 million also joined in the boycott.

The Union President Madisha stated that:

“Atrocities committed against the Palestinians pale in comparison to those committed by the erstwhile apartheid regime in South Africa” [Should drop this quote as it doesn’t strengthen our argument]

Growing Union Boycott of Israel

Unions throughout the world have started to boycott the apartheid state of Israel, because of its inhumane policies against the Palestinian people. In Canada, the largest union voted to boycott Israel, in Britain the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (Natfhe) voted to boycott Israeli lecturers and academic institutions who do not publicly dissociate themselves from Israel’s “apartheid policies” before it was merged, and then in South Africa, the Workers union representing 1.2 million joined in the boycott.

Also, just last year 61 Irish academics signed letter urging colleagues to boycott Israeli academic institutions in protest at ‘Israel’s policy of violent repression against the Palestinians’, which was met with vile and racists comments from Pro-Israeli’s such as:

“What do a bunch of drunk Leprechauns know?”

While another Pro-Israeli writes:

“If they not drunk or eating potatoes,they running down the English.The reality is that the Irish Catholics are pro anything thats anti Jewish, while the Irish Protestants fully support Israel.May the Catholic jerks burn in the very hell they fear so much, while they ironically pray to that great Jew “Jesus Christ”.Hypocrytes deserve what they get.

From the ynetnews.com talk back web site.

“Boycott Hinders Peace”

Already the cries of “Peace, peace!” are being heard from the Pro-Israeli Bloggers and Journalists. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical for these people to shout out that boycott hinders peace while they justify the economic sanctions against the Palestinians for democratically electing someone who they do not like.

Just to let you know, Israel rejected the hand of peace from the Muslim World, and here you are saying to those who wish to make a point peacefully and democratically that they are hindering peace?

Just like the boycott bought down the Apartheid in South Africa, it will bring about a peaceful solution to the Middle East once Israel knows that no longer do the British people wish to support its inhumane acts of cruelty against the people of Palestine.

Matthias Kuentzel: Spreading Mis-Information.

March 15, 2007

Matthias Kuentzel: Spreading Mis-Information.


Matthias Kuentzel

In both Gaza and Lebanon the possibility existed of a normalisation of relations with Israel, leading in all probability to an economic upturn. So why do Hizbollah and Hamas prioritise weapons and war rather than peace and welfare?

Let’s be honest, the war with Lebanon was “pre-planned”.


Israel’s prime minister has said that the strategy used in last year’s war with Lebanon was drawn up months in advance, an Israeli newspaper reports.

According to Haaretz, Ehud Olmert said it was decided at least four months before that any kidnap of Israeli troops on its border would trigger war.


Surely, you should be asking why Israel was planning war in the first place rather than peace?

Matthias Kuentzel Un-Academic Lies

March 15, 2007

Matthias Kuentzel Un-Academic Lies


Matthias Kuentzel

Nobody here will have forgotten the horrors of the most recent Middle East war, which took place this summer. But who still remembers the hopes of the previous summer, in 2005, when Israel, despite massive internal resistance, pulled all its troops and settlers out of Gaza? Back then many people hoped that the Gaza strip would develop into a model Palestinian region that could form the nucleus of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.



Although Israel withdrew from Gaza more than a year ago, its control over the lives of Palestinians there is in some ways even tighter than before, a new report by an Israeli human rights organisation says.

In the days after Israeli troops and settlers pulled out of the territory, the then Israeli leader, Ariel Sharon addressed the United Nations.

He declared “the end of Israeli control over and responsibility for the Gaza Strip”.

But a study by Gisha challenges that claim. The organisation says it aims to “protect the fundamental rights of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories by imposing human rights law as a limitation on the behaviour of Israel’s military”.


For an “academic” to spout such baseless lies is unbelievable who without looking at the facts on the ground takes the Israeli propaganda at face value without question, without proof.

The fact remains that no matter what Matthias Kuentzel says, the fact is Hitler was a German. Not a Palestinian, or a Muslim but a Christian German.

Nazism did not grow in Palestine but in Germany, Matthias Kuentzel birth place.

University is accused of censoring anti-Semitic Islam lecture

March 15, 2007

The University of Leeds was accused of infringing free speech last night when it cancelled a lecture on “Islamic anti-Semitism” by a German academic.

Matthias Köntzel arrived at the university yesterday morning to begin a three-day programme of lectures and seminars, but was told that it had been called off on “security grounds”.

Dr Köntzel, a political scientist who has lectured around the world on the antiSemitic ideology of Islamist groups, told The Times there were concerns that he would be attacked. He said that he was “outraged” that his meetings had been cancelled and had yet to receive an explanation.

The university, which acted after complaints from Muslim students, denied that it was interfering with the academic freedom of Dr Köntzel, and said that proper arrangements for stewarding the meeting had not been made.

The lecture, entitled “Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic antiSemitism in the Middle East”, was organised by the university’s German department and publicised three weeks ago. A large attendance had been expected.

Dr Köntzel, a former adviser to the German Green Party, said: “I have been told that it has had to be cancelled for security reasons. It seems there were concerns that there could be violence against my person.

“I have lectured in lots of countries on this subject. I gave the same talk at Yale University recently, and this is the first time I have been invited to lecture in the UK. Nothing like this has ever happened before – this is censorship.

“It is a controversial area but I am accustomed to debate. I value the integrity of academic debate and I feel that it really is in danger here. This is a very important subject and if you cannot address it on university property, then what is a university for?”

Dr Köntzel, a research associate at the Vidal Sassoon International Centre for the Study of Antisemitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said that he had been shown two e-mails that had been received, which objected to his lecture.

One, apparently written by a student, said: “As a Muslim and an Arab this has come to me as a great shock. The only intention that you have for doing this is to increase hatred as I clearly regard it as an open racist attack.”

Ahmed Sawalem, president of the university’s student Islamic Society, confirmed that he had contacted the office of Professor Michael Arthur, the Vice-Chancellor, to register an official complaint.

“The title of the talk is provocative and I have searched the internet to read his writings and they are not very pleasant,” Mr Sawalem said. “We are not opposed to freedom of expression. We just sent a complaint, we did not ask for the talk to be cancelled.”

The university authorities contacted the German department on Tuesday and asked for a change in the title. The department agreed to relabel the talk as “The Nazi Legacy: the export of antiSemitism to the Middle East”.

Yesterday morning, the head of the German department, Professor Stuart Taberner, was called to a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor’s staff and the head of security. After the meeting, Dr Köntzel’s lecture and workshops were cancelled.

Annette Seidel Arpaci, an academic in the German department, said: “This is an academic talk by a scholar, it is not a political rally. The sudden cancellation is a sell-out of academic freedom, especially freedom of speech, at the University of Leeds.” A spokes-woman for the university said that it valued freedom of speech and added that the cancellation of the meeting had been a bureaucratic issue.

“The decision to cancel the meeting has nothing to do with academic freedom, freedom of speech, antiSemitism or Islam-ophobia, and those claiming that is the case are making mischief,” she said.

What he wrote

“ AntiSemitism based on the notion of a Jewish world conspiracy is not rooted in Islamic tradition but, rather, in European ideological models. The decisive transfer of this ideology to the Muslim world took place between 1937 and 1945 under the impact of Nazi propaganda . . . “Although Islamism is an independent, antiSemitic, antimodern mass movement, its main early promoters, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Mufti and the Qassamites in Palestine, were supported financially and ideologically by agencies of the German National Socialist Government.”

Jewish Political Studies Review, spring 2005

Reply from Neo-Nazi Blogger – Little Bull[shitter]dog

March 11, 2007

The little facist from the Little Bulldogs has tried his best to rub off the facts that he is a little facist. Some of his counter-points are so illogicial that it gives a god damn bad name to the BNP.

Here is what he states:


1) There is an obvious difference between “monitoring RADICAL Islam” and “Keeping a Close Watch on Jewish Communities”. I monitor only the radical Muslims which is not racist, wheread Jew Watch monitors all Jews thinking that all Jews are evil.

First and foremost learn how to spell.

Secondly, your point that you only monitor “radicals”. Prove it to me then.

If any dumb facist looks at your blog he can clearly see that it’s another version of the facist British National Party outpost.

Or If you don’t believe that there is an “obvious difference” from your neo-nazi blog than Jew Watch, why have you been mentioned and congratulated on the well known right-wing neo-conservative blog Little Green Footballs?

Or if you still believe your not a neo-nazi-zionist why link to a blog which calls itself “Islamophobic Blog” and stays true to its name by spreading even more hate filled posts about Islam & Muslims.

Or if like you say you only concentrate on “radicals” then please tell me, which organisation which speaks out against Israel have you not called a radical.

Are all those organisations which don’t want to see the braions of little children being splattered aginst their cots Radicals?

Actually that is your neo-nazi definiation. Anyone who dislikes Israeli’s actions agianst defenceless children must be a radical, which in your neo-nazi language would mean that any condemantion of the Nazi extermination of the Jews must be a radical as well.

Just to prove my point, here are the radical Muslims:


“Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power.”

and you further go onto state:


Will the MCB condemn him for this? Will we see more violence to disprove him? Time will tell…

Now if I replace the word Islam with Judaism & Muslim would Jew wouldn’t this exactly sound like a quote from Jew Watch?



“Judaism’s borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Jewish fundamentalism. It is Judaism, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power.”

Counter-Point is bull.

Now Point Two:


2) The fact that a member of the BNP wants to contact me can in no way incriminate me. You ignore my comments that show my opposition to the BNP. Trying to claim I am a racist because someone who is asks to get in contact shows how much you have to stretch to find anything.

Are you serious? Isn’t it shocking that a neo-nazi contacted you? There must be something whcih he agreed on your blog for him to approach you to help him surely, spread more hatred against Muslims?

Don’t you find it suprising that the Neo-Nazi’s BNP members are visiting your hate filled blog?

Point two, come on there must be something the BNP agree with

Will be replying to your other 3 points shortly, not sure if it’s worth while because your utterly just a Neo-Nazi who by the looks of it is a unemployed fascists who is spending time on neo-nazi websites such as the BNP.

Little Bulldogs (Neo-Nazi Zionist) – Exposed

March 9, 2007

I just thought I’d share some facinating research into this Neo-Nazi supporter who recently placed an article saying he doesn’t hate Muslim’s but his blog is filled with hate of Muslims and Islam.

I have just done basic one with main points.



I have become aware that members of the MPACUK forum have identified this site as a far-right, fascist, Islamophobic etc etc site. Please allow me to reply to these allegations.

Come on let’s be honest and truthful about it. You are a far-right, neo-Nazi dipstick.

Description of Blog from Anti-Semitic Website:

His Neo-Zio-Nazi Blog title is a clear-cut copy and paste on Jew watch:

His Blog:



Monitoring Radical Islam in Britain and its Left Wing Allies

Jew Watch:



Keeping a Close Watch on Jewish Communities & Organizations Worldwide.”

The BNP Connection:

While, making a final entry in his blog for his commitment at work, one of his favourite neo-Nazi visitors tries to get into touch:



I am trying to get in touch with you. Kindly reply to economics@bnp.org.uk.Best Regards,
Alan Goodacre
Alan Goodacre | 01.16.07 – 11:51 pm | #

Further research into Alan Goodacre reveals that indeed he is a member of the Neo-Nazi British National Party and head of the Economics Section of the Neo-Nazi Party, which can be all revealed here http://www.bnp.org.uk/articles/trade_deficit.html.

Planting Anti-Semitism & Promoting Terrorism at MPACUK:

Personally, I did not find it surprising that he admitted to placing Anti-Semitic comments at the MPACUK section, which by the looks of it did not get published because they are moderating the comments.

The quote:



However, the trick here is to destroy MPACUK rather than counter it. This can be done by posting messages that are extreme – whether they be overtly anti-Semitic or encouraging terrorism and genocide.

What is shocking is his admitting to promoting terrorism, which has been reported to the police who have said that they are looking into the matter.

Hatred of Politically Active Muslims

In another post he highlights his hatred of those Muslims who believe in Islam (just like the Jewish people before) and who work hard to serve their children:



No ChecksThe Home Office has revealed that their staff do not have to declare whether they are members of radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir. This information came to light after newspapers discovered that a senior IT worker was a leading figure in the group.

Yet one more thing the Government is failing on.

Hat Tip: USS Neverdock

Since, when did we turn back to the age of Hitler? This same method was employed by the Nazi’s to get rid of prominent Jewish members in businesses, because of their high skills.

Linking to Hitler Supporting Newspaper:

The article above about the members of Hizb ut Tahrir working to provide for their families, itself is linked to an a newspaper which in the early 1934 Rothermere and the Mail was sympathetic to Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists.

Rothermere was a friend and supporter of both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, which influenced the Mail’s political stance toward them up to 1939. During this period it was the only British newspaper to consistently support the German Nazi Party

Rothermere visited and corresponded with Hitler on many occasions. On 1 October 1938, Rothermere sent Hitler a telegram in support of Germany’s invasion of the Sudetenland, and expressing the hope that ‘Adolf the Great’ would become a popular figure in Britain.

In 1937, the Mail’s chief war correspondent George Ward Price, to whom Mussolini once personally wrote in support of him and the newspaper, published a book, I Know These Dictators, in defence of Hitler and Mussolini.

Spear Heading the Hatred against Muslims

This Neo-Nazi hate monger states:



we do not report on random crimes that happen to have been committed by a Muslim. To set out to identify a criminal as a Muslim where there is no indication that he acted due to his religion is to stir up unnecessary religious tension. However, when a Muslim commits a crime in the name of Islam it is most certainly not racist to mention it.

If you look at his neo-Nazi linked blog you could find entry after entry solely on Muslims.

1. Muslim’s being forced out of work – he has backed, and advertised
2. An innocent Muslim being arrested then released then re-arrested on no proof sent from the Bush Administration – He backed and advertised
3. Muslim and Jewish people wishing to live by their religion – He attacked and promoted hared.

I can go on and on but I think this is sufficient to show the true colours of this Neo-Nazi Israel supporter.

MPACUK Exposes Zionist Youths

February 9, 2007

You can bet your house that this won’t make it onto Newsnight tomorrow night. Exactly what are these Zionists teaching their children in their places of worship?

The movie can be viewed over at mpacuk.org but please keep in mind that the language is in Zionist language so it will be sickening if your are a Muslim or a Christian.

They call themselves “Gods Chosen People”

It’s been a while

February 3, 2007

It’s really been a while, but hopefully I’ll be posting more on issues which concern this young black yorkshire lad.

But, have a read of this. These ZioNazi’s have succeeded in making to look like Iran is a threat to the USA, which they did with Iraq and many others.

Calling Iran a danger to the United States and one of Israel’s greatest threats, Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said “no option can be taken off the table” when dealing with that nation.

“US policy must be clear and unequivocal, we cannot, we should not, we must not permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons,” the Democrat told a crowd of Israel supporters. “In dealing with this threat…No option can be taken off the table.”

Clinton spoke at a Manhattan dinner held by the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in the US, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Some 1,700 supporters applauded as she cited her efforts on behalf of the Jewish state and spoke scathingly of Iran’s decision to hold a conference last month that questioned whether the Holocaust took place.

“To deny the Holocaust places Iran’s leadership in company with the most despicable bigots and historical revisionists,” Clinton said, criticising what she called the Iranian administration’s “pro-terrorist, anti-American, anti-Israeli rhetoric.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called the Holocaust a “myth” and said Israel should be “wiped off the map” and its Jews returned to Europe.

Clinton, the front-runner for her party’s presidential nomination in 2008, called for dialogue with any enemies of the United States.

“We have to use every tool at our disposal, including diplomatic and economic in addition to the threat of military force,” she said.